Join Our Team

Join our Team

“For the youth to be enriched by a loving Taiwanese community, so they can obtain a stronger sense of self and passionately pursue their convictions.”



Are you interested in mentorship? Want to “give back” to the community? Have sage advice you’d like to dispense? Apply to be a counselor and join like-minded individuals at TANG! Our mission is to help youth to discover their strengths and inspire them to apply them towards the betterment of society. As a counselor, you will join a team of individuals in nurturing the personal development of your campers. Campers range in age from 3 through 18, and you can state your preference for the Juniors, Junior High, High School, or Young Adult programs.  Click here for a more detailed description of responsibilities!

Program Director

Ready to step it up to the next level? Program Directors are responsible for creating a vision for their program and leading their team of counselors to success. This position requires year-round commitment on the part of Program Directors. Candidates should have at least two years experience as a counselor and demonstrate proven leadership ability.

Special Operations

As TANG’s dedicated logistics team, Spec Ops focuses its effort into supporting the camp programs behind the scenes. We assist in activity set up, planning, and facilitation, so that the counselors can give their all to what’s most important: our campers. This year we have an exciting addition to the crew: a golf cart! To be named soon..

Executive Team

Want to get involved but are more interested in organizing behind-the-scenes? TANG is a growing organization with needs as varied as marketing, finance, media, and beyond. We are currently looking for organized self-starters to work closely with the executive director in forming and executing long-terms strategies.


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