Young Adults


The TANG Young Adult program is intended for college and young professionals who haven’t started a family. There are three goals to this year’s Young Adult program:

  1. Fun
  2. Community
  3. Self-discovery


TANG loves to have fun. This year we have several big activities planned. Young Adults will be attending Stoney Acres, an outdoor activities facility to help build relationships and teamwork. There is sure to be sweat, screams, and struggles as we trudge our way through fun and challenging outdoor courses. Make sure to bring your sneakers! There will be several evening activities planned throughout the weekend, including a mixer to start off the first day. There is a yet-to-be-named, intergenerational scavenger hunt activity that will be talked about years to come that is also being planned.


This year our theme is “Kateeng Means Family”. TANG Young Adults will be exploring what it means to be part of a Taiwanese American family through multiple community perspectives. There will be a dialogue held between the English Adult, High School, and Young Adult programs. Our goal is to create an intimate atmosphere to allow for sharing and encouragement of the struggles and achievements we have as Taiwanese American families. It is an opportunity to not just share your own experiences but help others through their own struggles as well.


At all TANG events, we like to reflect. There will be several small group sessions planned that will only include TANG Young Adult participants. We will discuss several serious and deep topics that will require all to participate and share personal experiences. For many, this is the most enjoyable experience at TANG because it’s what cements newly made friendships while learning more about oneself.